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Research & Collaboration Research Institutes

Research Institutes

The Department of International Logistics is home to a number of international research centers and has an established collaboration network with overseas universities.

North-East Asia Logistics and Distribution Research Institute (NALDI)

NALDRI is an interdisciplinary research institute set up to build on Chung-Ang University's international reputation for logistics and trade related research which bridges academia, industry and the public sector. NALDI was formed in 2003 by the merger of the China Research Institute (established in 1987) and International Trade Research Institute (established in 1993). To date NALDI has been successful in securing research projects from both Korean central and local government, public agencies, and private companies.

Korea E-trade Research Institute (KETRI)

Established in 2003, KETRI's primary objective is to support and facilitate international trade by implementing interdisciplinary research into improving E-trade practices.

Gyeong-gi Port and Logistics Research Center (GPLRC)

GPLRC was established in 2004 with a research grant from the Gyeong-gi local provincial government. The Center is focused on improving the competitiveness of Pyeongtaek Port through timely and policy related research.