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introduction 국제무역을 이끌어갈 21세기 글로벌 리더 양성
Introduction Faculty members


Name Degree Major Subjects
SuHan Woo Cardiff University business administration Logistics Account Analysis, Logistics System Analysis
ChoongBae Lee University of Birmingham business administration International Logistics Theory, International Logistics Market Analysis, Northeast Asia Logistics Innovation Theory
Polin Lai Cardiff University business administration Air Transport Overview, Logistics Base (1), Air Transport Logistics
GeunSik Park Chung-Ang University business administration nternational Logistics Theory, International Combined Transportation, Marine Transport Theory, Trade Practice, Northeast Asia Logistics Innovation Theory
YoungMok Ha Hongik University business administration Global Supply Chain Management, International Logistics Information Practice, International Logistics Seminar
Sally Martin University of Wales Maritime studies Freight transport theory, logistics base (1)
Guan Qiu Qi Chuang-Ang University international logistics, Transport economy international logistics theory, logistics base (1)