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introduction 국제무역을 이끌어갈 21세기 글로벌 리더 양성
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Developing the Northeast Asian Global Logistics Leaders of Tomorrow

International trade has played a crucial role in the economic growth of the Republic of Korea. In 2011, this amounted to $1 trillion and this success relied heavily on international transportation and logistics based activities. The global logistics industry is currently valued in excess of $3 trillion per annum and continues to grow in the face of increasingly globalizing of economic and business environments. As companies adopt new strategies such as global sourcing, outsourcing of logistics functions and Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM), logistics has been recognized as a key facilitator of international competitiveness.
As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for new industry talent with expert knowledge and enthusiasm in the field of international trade and logistics.

Chung-Ang University has an established reputation in 'development of high quality logistics talent' demanded by industry leaders. With the full support of the Korean Government and industry, the University’s internationally acclaimed faculties with extensive academic and industry experience provide students with the cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills required by industry today. Students benefit from active cooperation with logistics and transportation companies to facilitate field trips and offer domestic and overseas internships. Extensive co-operation networks also exist with other world-class universities in Asia,
the UK and the United States of America which provide students with the opportunity to study abroad through exchange student and joint degree programs.

We look forward to welcoming enthusiastic students to join our programs and become the 'new global logistics leaders' of tomorrow.

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