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introduction 국제무역을 이끌어갈 21세기 글로벌 리더 양성
Program Program structure


The undergraduate program is highly flexible, offering students a wide range of subjects in the field of international trade and logistics. This allows students to select those areas of study most relevant to their future career objectives.

In Year One, students study subjects fundamental to business such as Economics, Management, Accounting, and Business Statistics along with General Education. Students are also introduced to the Fundamentals of Logistics and Principles of Logistics Management.

In Years Two and Three, students develop their knowledge and understanding through a broad range of subjects including, International Logistics, International Trade Law, Logistics System Analysis, and Container Transport Logistics.

In Year Four, students have the opportunity to choose from subjects designed to develop management skills and problem solving capability, such as Cases in Logistics and SCM and Logistics Internships.