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introduction 국제무역을 이끌어갈 21세기 글로벌 리더 양성
Program Curriculum


Note: The courses with are taught in English

year semester subject
1 year 1 Fundamentals of Logistics I
Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Accounting
Business Communication I
2 Fundamentals of Logistics II
Introduction to statistics
Introduction to Management
Principles in Logistics Management
Business Communication Ⅱ
2 year 1 International Logistics
International Trade Law
Freight Transport Operations
International Management
2 Logistics System Analysis
International Trade Practices & Management
International Trade
3 year 1 Maritime Transportation
Logistics and Transport Modeling
Container Transport and Logistics
Intermodal Transportation
International Logistics Strategies
International Marketing
2 The Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
International Logistics & Information
International Issues in Insurance
Port Management
Shipping Finance
Warehousing and Materials Handling
Field Trips for International Logistics
4 year 1 Air Transportation
Supply Chain Management
Law and Regulations in Logistics Management
Port Operation System
Logistics Internship
2 Logistics Policy
Global Logistics Market Analysis
Cases in Logistics & SCM